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Barefoot Exploration provides professional geological mapping services in remote regions with minimal to no impact to the land and wildlife. Accessing remote areas may require the use of a plane, helicopter, boat or truck, however once on the ground, the mapping is done on foot. Barefoot Exploration supports a style of geological mapping that requires simple and lightweight tools such as a hammer, compass and GPS unit. Additional gear and communication devices are used to safely conduct work in the wilderness. 


Geological mapping relies on field observations of rocks, and understanding of past and present natural environments and landscapes. Stratigraphic and structural contacts and units are defined in the field. Analytical work such as lithogeochemistry or geochronology complements field observations, and usually addresses specific research questions and hypotheses. Remote sensing imagery or geophysical datasets are used prior to fieldwork, to outline outcrops or mapping targets, or following fieldwork to further characterize structures or units defined in the field.

This approach is the standard for many geological surveys that provide high quality map products and field data to the public and industry. 

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